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Get advice on hardening WordPress security to protect your website against hackers and common exploits. Learn about WordPress backups and how to restore or recover a hacked website. How secure is your website? Need help? Get in touch with our team of WordPress experts.

How often should I update WordPress, plugins and themes?

Every time a new WordPress update is released we get asked the same questions. Should I update WordPress to the latest version? How often should I run plugin updates?

With each new release of WordPress, developers fix bugs, add features and patch security vulnerabilities. So not updating obviously puts your website at risk.

We all have different needs that WordPress …

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WordPress hacked? Clean and secure WordPress with minimal downtime

You’ve probably heard again and again that you need to take measures to keep your WordPress website secure. But do you really need to worry about WordPress being hacked? What are the threats exactly?

Once hackers gain access to a website there are a number of ways they can really mess things up for you.

The more politically motivated post …

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Why you need a WordPress Backup Plugin

The ultimate nightmare situation for any website or online business owner is to lose website data and content without having a backup solution in place.

Often, content that performs well can take years and years to build up, and so it is important that you have a robust backup solution (and a tested plan) ready to go should the worst …

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5 Urgent Steps For Taking Over A WordPress Website

Have you bought a blog, or taken over a business with a WordPress website? There are a few things you should do, immediately, to ensure a smooth transition.

1. Get full access.

First things first, when you purchase a new home, handing over the keys is a pretty important step. A website equivalent is handing over all the login details …

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How to take a website backup using cPanel

A smart business will run a scheduled backup of their website daily, weekly, and monthly and keep a copy offsite to ensure 100% redundancy. As well as scheduled backups there are other times when you should be taking a website backup. Typically cPanel is used to take WordPress website backups immediately before:

Transferring a website to a new hosting company,…

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