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wordpress speed optimisationA slow WordPress website is the fastest way to lose new customers. In fact most people wont wait more than 3-4 seconds for your website to load. Slow speeds are losing you sales and leads.

So how do you check your website speed? Easy, test your own website now using the free Pingdom website speed checker.

Is your website looking slow?

Slow websites only get slower! In the day to day usage of a website you’re adding new content, adding new plugins and building your website traffic – all of this makes your website slower over time. You need to tune that website back up regularly to keep it performing like new.

The solution is WordPress Speed Optimisation by a professional team of WordPress experts.

You need someone with experience who can help with WordPress by analysing where the performance issues are happening on your website and then fix those issues properly. NOT just slapping a new WordPress “speed” plugin onto the website and calling it a day!

How does a faster website help you?

Speeding up your WordPress website will bring more traffic and sales to your site. How? Google’s search engine algorithms are looking at your website speed, so it’s a factor they consider when deciding where to rank your page. Research shows that if a site does not load in 3 seconds or less visitors will bounce back to the search results and you loose customers and sales.

How fast can WP Copilot make my website?

Most of the websites we work on become 2x faster or better. For poorly optimised websites 5x faster is not out of the question! Here’s some of the key steps we take to speed up your website.

  • Expert speed audit to find performance issues and bottlenecks
  • Optimise your page, browser, database and object caching
  • Tune up and properly configure page compression and minification
  • SQL database cleanup and optimisation
  • Review and upgrade server PHP versions
  • Manually resize and optimise key images
  • Setup automated image optimisation for all images

Your WordPress plugins and website hosting can impact your website speed. We’ll review your plugins and hosting to provide recommendations on further website speed opportunities.

Due to the impact of a poorly performing website, can you afford not to optimise it’s speed? Get your sales back and save with an optimised and fast WordPress website.

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