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Australian WordPress Support

Find all of our “How to WordPress” posts here. These step by step WordPress tutorials are easy to understand and packed with examples to make learning WordPress easier. Just want it done for you? Become a WP Copilot member and enjoy the benefits of expert WordPress help.

WordPress Slow? How To Speed Up WordPress Websites

Is your WordPress website slow? How does your website load time stack up against your competitors? If you’re not really sure about the answers to these questions your amazing WordPress website could be letting you down and costing you clients.

It is incredibly important for a business to ensure that it’s WordPress website loads as quickly as possible. People have …

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How To Create A WordPress Staging Site: 4 Methods That Anyone Can Follow

A WordPress staging site gives you a chance to safely test out changes and updates to your site before you make those changes on your “live” site that’s actually receiving traffic.

It’s a super helpful tool no matter what type of site you’re running. But, there’s one problem…

The WordPress software itself doesn’t offer any staging site functionality. So if …

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Locked Out Of WordPress? Here’s How To Get Back Into The Dashboard!

Are you locked out of your WordPress dashboard? Can’t access WordPress admin at all? Yikes! I know that can be a scary situation. You spent all that time building your site and now you can’t even access it!

First off – don’t worry. Your site’s data should still be there safe and secure – you just can’t get at it. …

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Struggling with how to add Google Analytics to WordPress? Setting up a Google Analytics account isn’t especially complicated, but figuring out how to actually add the tracking code from Google Analytics to WordPress causes problems for many beginners.

If that sounds like you – you’re definitely not alone in feeling frustrated!

In this post, you’ll learn three different ways to …

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How to Fix The Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

It’s a sinking feeling when you go to access your WordPress site only to be met with a big fat Error Establishing a Database Connection message.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably experiencing it right now. You typed in your URL, hit enter, and…this:

What’s causing the problem? And is your site lost for good?

Don’t worry about that …

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How to Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress

We all know the power of Youtube. With more than 1 billion unique users each month, the Youtube video platform is one of the most important and popular platforms for hosting content anywhere on the internet. And when you consider that Youtube is the world’s second most used search engine, it becomes obvious why creating video content and ...

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What are WordPress Permalinks? (and how to optimise them)

When it comes to optimising content for the web, the devil is in the detail. Of course, it is important to ensure that you are creating relevant and engaging content for your audience, but don’t forget the small things like making your permalinks readable by humans because these can often make or break your web ranking.

What is a permalink?…

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How to change WordPress from US to British English

WordPress defaults to US English which is great if you’re targeting American visitors. But if you’re audience speaks British English then your website needs to “Speak their language”.

By using localized localised language and spelling, you’re more likely to make a connection with a geographic audience.

Grab a cup of tea and get yourself cozy cosy while I show you …

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Team-up Twitter and WordPress to Build Trust and Social Proof

Last week we showed you how to team-up Twitter and WordPress to amplify your content marketing and audience. This week we look at using Twitter and WordPress to build trust in your website.

Displaying Twitter feeds, tweets and statistics can build your authority by showing visitors you are followed, trusted and praised ...

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