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A slow WordPress website is the fastest way to lose new customers. In fact 53% of consumers leave websites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. Slow speeds are losing you sales and leads. 

When it comes to website speed, the saying “Time is money” literally applies.


Case Study 1: Northern Light

Northern Light runs a busy eCommerce website selling and distributing some of the most in-demand organic beeswax candles around the world. Northern Light came to us with a website that was loading in over 7 seconds:

We optimised Northern Light’s website speed by first auditing their website performance to uncover obvious (and some hidden) performance issues and bottlenecks. We then proceeded to optimise their page, browser, database and object caching for the most return on cache results. We then tuned up and properly configured page compression and minification, many websites get this incorrect by combining too many scripts. We then optimised their database, upgraded server configurations, resized and optimised images and reviewed plugins.

The results

After our optimisation was completed Northern Light’s website performance improved to 1.3 seconds load time, which is more than 5x improvement in overall website performance.

Case Study 2: Melbourne Dejembe

Melbourne Dejembe is one of Melbourne’s best providers of West African percussion experiences, instruments, performances, classes and workshops. After years of operation Melbourne Dejembe reached out for local WordPress help. Their website was loading in a whopping 11.75 seconds!

After an initial audit, we optimised Melbourne Dejembe’s website performance caching, properly configured page compression and minification, optimised database performance, upgraded server configurations, resized and optimised images and reviewed plugins and hosting and moved them to a more powerful WordPress hosting company.

The results

After our work was completed Melbourne Dejembe’s website performance improved to 1.26 seconds! Which is over 9x better performance than they had at the start.

Case Study 3: Disappear Ink Tattoo Removal Clinic

Disappear Ink is one of Sydney’s best rated laser tattoo removal clinics. they came us to with a website that was loading in 4.5 seconds. This speed is in the middle of the road, it was not horrible but not good either. This middle of the road speed can be frustrating because there had been some heavy speed optimisation work done to their website in the past but things had drifted in the wrong direction over time. It still felt like there was room for website performance improvement.

The goal was then to find the performance bottle necks and reduce or remove them.

We love to make a meaningful impact in these kinds of tricky performance situations. When looking for performance bottlenecks you need to be careful not to take things too far and remove critical functions of a given website. Our team of expert WordPress developers went through and looked for performance bottlenecks and found many issues with external calls to Google and Facebook that were ruining the performance of the website. We then removed those bottlenecks without major impact on the functions of their website.

The results

When we were finished Disappear Ink had improved their website performance to 1.92 seconds! More than 2x better performance.

How fast can WP Copilot make my website?

fix slow website speed

Most of the websites we work on become 2x faster or better after our WordPress speed optimisation services. For poorly optimised websites 5x faster is not out of the question! We walk the talk, our own website is a super lean one second load time!

Here’s some of the key steps we take to speed up your website.

  • Expert speed audit to find performance issues and bottlenecks
  • Optimise your page, browser, database and object caching
  • Tune up and properly configure page compression and minification
  • SQL database cleanup and optimisation
  • Review and upgrade server PHP versions
  • Resize and optimise images
  • Setup automated image optimisation on upload
  • Review plugins and hosting

Your WordPress plugins and website hosting can impact your website speed. We’ll review your plugins and hosting to provide recommendations on further website speed opportunities.

Due to the impact of a poorly performing website, can you afford not to optimise it’s speed? Get your sales back and save with an optimised and fast WordPress website.


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