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Australian WordPress Support

Blogging & content marketing tips, tricks and hacks from the WP Copilot team. Just starting a blog? We share tips on optimising your blog for SEO, creating sharable content and growing your blogs audience. Want to convert more readers into customers and monetise your blog? We can help with WordPress conversion and fixes while you get back to creating awesome content!

Best WordPress Hosting in Australia: Who Do We Recommend?

If a WordPress website is a critical part of your business and income, there are two things essential to it performing at it’s best. Expert WordPress help for updates, fixes and improvements is one. The other is a quality WordPress hosting solution.

Your hosting company will provide the servers (basically computers for hosting websites) that allow people to view your ...

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8 Sites With Free Images for Blogs & Social Media Posts

An incredibly important aspect of any WordPress blog or website are the images used within posts. Readers are often enticed to click through images posted on social media, and tend to steer away from text posts.

So choosing the best images for your blog is imperative!

You don’t need advanced photography or graphic design skills. You just need to know …

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Categories vs Tags: How do I use Them on my Blog?

Being a successful blogger entails more than just writing great content (although that’s extremely important, of course). You also need to think about the way that your content is organised, and how people (and search engines) are going to navigate and find your content.

This is where categories and tags come in.

How many WordPress categories should I have? Can …

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5 Smart Ways To Monetise Your WordPress Blog

Do you have a WordPress blog? You might be overlooking some easy ways to generate a passive income.  Making money blogging might seem like a pipe dream, but it is achievable, and ultimately you’ll get out what you put it.

With a loyal readership in a particular niche, you have every possibility of earning real cash through your WordPress blog. …

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How to Embed Youtube Videos in WordPress

We all know the power of Youtube. With more than 1 billion unique users each month, the Youtube video platform is one of the most important and popular platforms for hosting content anywhere on the internet. And when you consider that Youtube is the world’s second most used search engine, it becomes obvious why creating video content and ...

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Beginners Guide to Essential WordPress Terms

As WordPress become increasingly user friendly more and more individuals or business owners are actively working on their own website. Ten years ago, simply editing a single webpage could require a great deal of technical expertise and coding knowledge. But with the WordPress CMS, anyone with basic computer skills can create and update website content as well as make simple …

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Stop WordPress Comment Spam In 5 Minutes

Because of WordPress’s roots as a blogging platform, it is perfect for interacting with visitors through blog comments.  Every blog post should have comments enabled to facilitate networking and sharing ideas, news, opinion, and information with visitors.

However, the WordPress comment system that comes with the basic installation will be problematic. Without taking a few easy steps you can quickly …

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How to Schedule WordPress Blog Posts like the Pro’s

When you get some time to write new blog posts, it can be tempting to post them all at once. A better idea is to spread them out by scheduling blog posts.

Each new post is an opportunity to reach out to your customers through social media, newsletters and other marketing channels, so planning and scheduling your blog posts helps …

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