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Best WordPress Hosting in Australia: Who Do We Recommend?

If a WordPress website is a critical part of your business and income, there are two things essential to it performing at it’s best. Expert WordPress help for updates, fixes and improvements is one. The other is a quality WordPress hosting solution.

Your hosting company will provide the servers (basically computers for hosting websites) that allow people to view your ...

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9 Sites With Free Images for Blogs & Social Media Posts

An incredibly important aspect of any WordPress blog or website are the images used within posts. Readers are often enticed to click through images posted on social media, and tend to steer away from text posts.

So choosing the best images for your blog is imperative!

You don’t need advanced photography or graphic design skills. You just need to know …

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How to Add Google Analytics to WordPress (Step by Step Guide)

Struggling with how to add Google Analytics to WordPress? Setting up a Google Analytics account isn’t especially complicated, but figuring out how to actually add the tracking code from Google Analytics to WordPress causes problems for many beginners.

If that sounds like you – you’re definitely not alone in feeling frustrated!

In this post, you’ll learn three different ways to …

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How to Fix The Error Establishing a Database Connection in WordPress

It’s a sinking feeling when you go to access your WordPress site only to be met with a big fat Error Establishing a Database Connection message.

If you’re reading this post, you’re probably experiencing it right now. You typed in your URL, hit enter, and…this:

What’s causing the problem? And is your site lost for good?

Don’t worry about that …

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The Best WordPress Plugins 2017 (Hand Selected By Our WordPress Experts)

What makes WordPress the market leading website platform is the way it makes your website, store, or blog, totally customisable. And this is made possible by the incredible selection of WordPress plugins that you can integrate into your site.

From SEO plugins that boost your Google ranking, to security plugins that protect your website and visitors from malicious attacks, the …

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How often should I update WordPress, plugins and themes?

Every time a new WordPress update is released we get asked the same questions. Should I update WordPress to the latest version? How often should I run plugin updates?

With each new release of WordPress, developers fix bugs, add features and patch security vulnerabilities. So not updating obviously puts your website at risk.

We all have different needs that WordPress …

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