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SEO or search engine optimisation is the process of improving your website with the goal of appearing in search results. We answer common WordPress SEO questions, discuss mistakes to avoid, and WordPress SEO plugins. Appearing on the first page of Google takes hard work and WordPress SEO knowledge. Read on, or contact Australian SEO experts, and partner company, SEO Copilot.

WordPress Slow? How To Speed Up WordPress Websites

Is your WordPress website slow? How does your website load time stack up against your competitors? If you’re not really sure about the answers to these questions your amazing WordPress website could be letting you down and costing you clients.

It is incredibly important for a business to ensure that it’s WordPress website loads as quickly as possible. People have …

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What are WordPress Permalinks? (and how to optimise them)

When it comes to optimising content for the web, the devil is in the detail. Of course, it is important to ensure that you are creating relevant and engaging content for your audience, but don’t forget the small things like making your permalinks readable by humans because these can often make or break your web ranking.

What is a permalink?…

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