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Australian WordPress Support

Our WordPress support affiliate program means you can connect businesses with WP Copilot’s services and collect $50 commission every time you generate a sale.

WP Copilot tracks and manages your sales and commissions while providing your referrals with outstanding WordPress support. Yes, it’s that easy!

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wordpress affiliate program


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Earn $50 for every new customer you refer!

How it works

wordpress affiliate program

It’s a win for you and your referrals, they get the WordPress support they need, while you generate a passive income!

Simply register to get started, then activate your affiliate account in the client area. You’ll get a unique affiliate link and banners, be able to view your earnings and get paid!

Say you shared your affiliate link on Facebook. When someone clicks that link they are referred to our website. They are identified as being referred by you with cookies (tracking) that expire after 90 days. This means that even if they don’t purchase straight away, you can still receive a referral commission if they return and purchase within 90 days!

You can add the WordPress support affiliate link on your website, social media or email marketing and start making money. When someone clicks your link and becomes a WP Copilot member, you receive a $50 commission if the customer account is still active after 90 days. When your account reaches $100 or more you can request it to be transferred directly into your PayPal or bank account.

Generate a passive income with WP Copilot's Affiliate Program

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